We provide many services for Augusta and the surrounding areas.



We provide you with a customized personal training plan and  a customized diet plan which will enhance your results. We train you in a private location where it is just you and the trainer. No one is looking on or watching you while you train. This is great for building confidence to workout in a larger setting! We also provide general life coaching during your training sessions to make sure your results are life long.


Looking to conquer a 5k, 10k or a triathlon? Look no further. We will do the entire workout with you. Side by side. We will work on building up your run time from the couch to the final stretch. We run/cycle in all conditions. Never on the treadmill or indoor bike, always outside!


In Aerial Yoga, your body weight is supported by an “Aerial Hammock”. The hammock fully supports your body in various poses, like a prop, which allows your body to work against gravity. The Aerial Hammock allows fullbody engagement for the individual, especially for their core muscles, making Aerial Yoga a great Body Weight Cross Training exercise for anyone. Aerial Yoga gives an individual the flexibility to make any practice or session their own, whether it be as a Restorative Aerial Yoga, Cardio Aerial Yoga, and/or Aerial Yoga Acrobatics (flips, tricks, and/or drops).

Looking to try some Yoga? A little intimidated by the big classes? We offer one on one private yoga instruction in your own home.




Trainer Katie specializes in pre and post natal fitness. She is a licensed doula and grew up attending pre and post natal consultations in England with her mothers work. She has ten years experience working with expectant mothers to keep them fit for labor, and getting your pre baby body back.
Not all trainers understand the difficulty of coming back after having your baby. We understand the challenges of new mothers looking to stay fit or to loose the last few pounds while staying healthy for their families.