Creating a life long change... One step at a time.
Cutting edge Psychology, Brain Science, Genetics, Lifestyle Design and Habit change.

Fitness and Lifestyle change go hand in hand. You are more likely to be successful if you incorporate a change in to your current lifestyle instead of striving and burning out. Through our fifteen years of experience, we decided to branch into life coaching to help our clients create a life long commitment to themselves.

If you are looking at a total life change, makeover, or just to solidify your new healthy life, life-coaching is now affordable and accessible.

What can you achieve through life coaching?
Think of life coaching as a blend between your online best friend who is there for you, to listen and support you. But also your personal life coach who is there to guide you and be totally confidential!

You can...

  • Attain a balance in work and life.

  • Increase your own personal standards and set achievable goals.

  • Letting go of beliefs or actions that hold you back.

  • Learn to be proactive instead of reactive.

  • Learn the basics of healthy and fulfilling relationships.

  • Create resilience between yourself and emotional stress.

  • Deepen your critical thinking and emotional reflexes

  • Master how to appropriately express angry feelings

    Here at Augusta Personal Training we believe that by integrating life coaching in our training sessions, we can help you achieve lifelong results.
    However, we know that we can have a bigger reach in the community by offering this as a one on one private service. From 2018, we are now offering private life coaching in our office setting.

    One 60 Minute Coaching Session, includes up to 5 follow-up emails: $40.00

    Ten 60 Minute Coaching Session, includes up to 20 follow-up emails: $350.00