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Each member of the Augusta Personal Training team cares about your long term health and wellness. Our accredited personal trainers are here to listen to your individual objectives, evaluate your fitness and nutrition, and develop a unique fitness and diet program tailored to your needs. No matter your reason: to lose weight, enter a fitness competition, strengthen, or stay on track, our team is 100% committed to helping you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

Our trainers work at various facilities or offer in home personal training. Let us help you get matched with the right trainer!

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Augusta Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • 10 years experience
  • Les Mills Certified Combat, Pump, Grit, and Jam
  • Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer
  • US Navy 2003-2012

Nicholas specializes in body sculpting, focusing on weight loss, cardio training, strength training and nutrition. He is passionate about helping clients change their bodies, and their lives.

Nicholas takes an approach to lifestyle change that goes beyond physical appearance. His focus is on mental health, nutrition, spirituality, environment, fat loss, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise.

Specializing foremost in boxing and MMA training, Nicholas has developed new skills to branch out in to other types of fitness. He customizes and runs you through an energetic and specialized workout built for your body and your goals! He utilizes tools and methods like Cross Fit, Kettlebells, Resistance Training, kickboxing and more!

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PTSD Trama Sensitive YogaFit for Warriors

PTSD Trama Sensitve YogaFit Warrior Kids 

Prenatal Yoga 

Seniors Yoga

Experienced and passionate Yoga Instructor with over four years of teaching experience and training in Hatha Yoga. I'm committed to providing extensive instruction and counseling to my clients, while motivating them to find true inner peace and their healthiest self.

Adept in creating powerful teaching plans that aim to support and benefit each and every student. Bringing forth a love and respect for the art of yoga, and all that it encompasses.  

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*Certified and insured Aerial Yoga Instructor 


*Aerial Yoga Instructor at Aerial Artistry Studio

  • www.theaerialartists.com

  • The Aerial Artistry is located at 266 Bobby Jones Expressway; Suite 19;  Augusta, GA 30907

  • Sign-up for classes or Book a Private lesson

  • Book in directly with Jennifer at 762-585-4536


*Trained in Aerial Yoga since 03/2013


*Trained in Aerial Lyra since 04/2017


*Trained in Pole Fitness since 06/2018


*Organized and hosted Aerial Arts and Creative Side of Augusta PhotoShoot 06/2018


*PLEASE DO NOT USE THE WEBSITE BOOKING FORM FOR JENNIFER. Sessions with Jennifer do not include a meal plan. This must be a separate purchase from sessions. Thank you!

Augusta Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer.
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.
  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist.
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist.
  • BSc Exercise Science and Nutrition.
  • BSc Bio Chemistry
  • MS Exercise Science
  • MS Microbiology (pending)
  • Pre and Post Natal Conditioning Specialist
  • Exercise Science Guest Professor
  • 15 years experience.
  • Les Mills Certified Combat, Pump, CX, Flow, Sprint, RPM, Grit, and Jam.
  • Fitness Columnist.
  • Trainer to Golf Professionals at the Medalist Village in Florida. 2014-2016

"I pride myself as a personal trainer who doesn't have one particular method, and can freely adapt to any client or goal. I practice a variety of training methods to ensure my clients are always enjoying the process.

Long-Term results don't come overnight. Be prepared to work hard. Slow and steady will win the race."- Katie Rose. Fitness Columnist.

Katie is one of the most sought-after weight-loss, nutrition and life coaches in Georgia. Her integrative philosophy and body-mind approach comes from a strong background in Martial Arts and Dance.

Katie has worked at some of the world’s most prestigious golf clubs training golf professionals and their families. She recently moved from the Medalist Village Club and Spa in Hobe Sound, Florida to come train in Augusta.

Katie works from 5AM-10PM Monday through Saturday. All sessions (apart from mobile sessions) are to be held in her home studio based in Grovetown.


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  • NETA Personal Trainer
  • Spin City Stretching & Flexibility
  • The Flex Academy Flexibility
  • Advanced Stretching
  • Spin City Anatomy & Physiology
  • XPERT Aerial Hoop
  • Vertical Dance Beginner Pole Fitness
  • Spin City Intermediate Pole Fitness
  • Spin City Advanced Pole Fitness
  • Levity Aerial Yoga


Allyson is an Augusta native but started her fitness career in York, England before moving back to the States. Allyson has been training circus arts for the past 10 years and has been teaching group fitness classes for nearly just as long!


She uses her circus arts knowledge to create a fun fitness environment. Allyson is a certified personal trainer and her specialties are flexibility training & helping women achieve their pull up!

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